Yo. I’m Leroy; A writer, dj, producer and all around polymath. And I love music. The Fischer Music Club is for people who love music as well.  We live in a world where it seems like art is more commercial than ever and it sometimes seems meaningless. I made this site to combat that notion.  FMC started as an event production company, then a music marketing firm and now I want to use this platform to give good music a home (and to have some fun). I use the #FischerFiveFlames rating system as an educational tool, explaining why I think some music is good while other music is great. I also represent myself and a few other music brands as a small independent label. So check out my reviews, merchandise and music releases! Thanks for rocking with me.  If you want to get in touch or submit a link for review, just fill out the form below.

– Leroy Basnight III


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