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Coll Quic

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  1. Switch It Up Coll Quic feat G.L.O., Stendo and Cliff Icon 4:20
  2. GloBo Coll Quic feat. Pancho da Bear, G.L.O. and Sunn.Dayy 3:40
  3. Check Coll Quic feat Tbizzle and Pancho da Bear 3:28
  4. 04 We (Interlude) Coll Quic feat. Marly St. Cloud and Abi G 1:53
  5. Act Like It Coll Quic feat Don Juan 3:34
  6. Eatin Good Coll Quic feat J. Sound, G.L.O. and Stendo 3:45
  7. Anythang Coll Quic feat. Double R and Sunn.Dayy 3:26
  8. Last Call Coll Quic feat. JOC and J. Sound 3:47
  9. Whole Lotta Coll Quic feat. Stendo and AP Pulla 3:32
  10. Land Mind Coll Quic feat Squeak, Cliff Icon and J. Alston 3:15
  11. Truth Coll Quic feat. AP Pulla and Double R 3:58
  12. WE.S.A Outro Coll Quic feat. Senior Parker 2:54